Given the function f(x) = 2x – 1 and the linear function g(x), which function has a greater value when x = 3?A.f(x) is greater.B.g(x) is greater.C.f(x) and g(x) are the same when x=3D.g(x) is undefined when x=3​

Accepted Solution

Answer:Option B. g(x) is greaterStep-by-step explanation:step 1Find the value of f(x) when the value of x is equal to 3we havef(x)=2x-1substitute the value of x=3f(3)=2(3)-1=5step 2Find the value of g(x) when the value of x is equal to 3Observing the graphwhen x=3g(3)=7step 3 Compare the valuesf(x)=5g(x)=7sog(x) > f(x)g(x) is greater