wesleys mother is 57 years old. her age is three years more than twice edwins age. what is wesleys age?that's the whole question​

Accepted Solution

Answer: Edwin is likely a typo for Wesley.Step by step:Wmom=57Wmom=3+2e 57=3+2e 54=2e 27=eEdwin is 27 years old.Aside from a typo, one can speculate on Wesley's age. He's likely between 20 and 39 years old based on his mother's age. If you want to delve into societal norms, Wesley is likely to be a name from a white middle to upper class parentage, so it's less likely he was had when his mother was a teen, or even in her early twenties because college, so move that age zone to 20 to 34. Then consider that having children later than 35 is consideration for a "risky" pregnancy and most women are urged to aim for before 33, but most upper middle class white women will be pressured to baby before 30. So, adjust Wesley's age zone to 27 to 34. And then...idk. But in all honesty I think Edwin is meant to be Wesley, because it's a math problem not a sociology one.