What is 149/28 as a decimal?

Accepted Solution

Solution: 149/28 as a decimal is 5.32MethodsExplanation using the division method:Put in a nutshell, a fraction is written in terms of two parts separated by a line in between: the number above the line is called the numerator and the number below the line is called the denominator. To solve this question, we can use the division method to get a decimal: simply divide the numerator 149 by the denominator 28 to get the decimal:149 (numerator) ÷ 28 (denominator) = 5.32That’s it! When you convert 149/28 to a decimal, 5.32 is your answer.Master fraction to decimal conversionsIf this problem was a little difficult or you want to practice your skills on another one, give it a go on any one of these too!What is 83/95 as a decimal?What is 107/60 as a decimal?What is 84/99 as a decimal?What is 24/76 as a decimal?